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  1. Lanzadera Music through this contract offers its digital distribution service for the platform, from now on the client.
  2. The Client, through this agreement, grants Lanzadera Music the right to digital distribution and representation of the works designated for this purpose in the territorial scope and on the digital channels requested.
  3. 3.1. The CLIENT declares that he is the owner, has the legal rights or the relevant authorizations and licenses over the material to be distributed (audio, graphic material, audiovisual material, etc.), thus exempting Lanzadera Music from any responsibility for any claim by third parties in reference. to the ownership of rights. The CLIENT, therefore, undertakes not to send any release that is not his property or has authorization to do so, nor may he use fragments of recordings from another owner (as a remix of songs whose recordings he does not have the rights to) or submit to YouTube content id material that violates YouTube policies
    3.2. The protection of the rights of author artists is fundamental for Lanzadera. The detection by Lanzadera or through complaints from the different platforms of sending material without rights, of material that violates YouTube’s Content ID policies, or of the use of illegal and not permitted practices (all those practices that seek artificially increasing streaming and audio and video listeners or falsely claiming videos using the Content ID systems of YouTube, Facebook or similar), implies the removal of the material, the cancellation of the account, the retention of the royalties and the possible request for refund of payments already made if the withholding of royalties does not cover the expenses of complaints and returns to the legitimate owners.
  1. The agreement is non-exclusive and is limited to those digital video or music distribution services that the client contracts with Lanzadera.
  2. The agreement comes into force from the day of acceptance until either party decides to discontinue it.
    The party that decides to conclude the contract will send an email to the other party requesting the termination of the contract and the reasons for said request.
  3. The specific conditions that appear in the descriptions of the products or packages contracted are accepted by both parties.
    These descriptions will be those that appear on the website at the time of contracting or those that Lanzadera provides as a quote, in the case of a special or combined product.
  4. Lanzadera Music will provide free of charge those legal aspects that the client does not have (Isrc codes, UPC, etc.).
  5. The client authorizes Lanzadera Music to collect on his behalf the royalties obtained from the right of public communication corresponding to the rights of the owner of the recording, in the event that the client cannot do so alone.
    The profits obtained from this concept will appear as another channel.
  7. INITIAL PAYMENT: The client will pay through the procedures established on the website for the contracted digital distribution products, just before sending the material to the stores.
    This payment is one-time and is made for digitization, preparation and shipping of the product.
    Customers with a label, producer or company account in the sector, depending on the number of products, will have a discount that will appear in their Customer Zone profile.
    – Lanzadera Music will charge 9% of the net royalties generated in the different digital channels and digital music and video services as a management fee. The client will receive a username and password to access the client area where they can follow up. of their sales. – The client may request the collection of the accumulated amounts in their favor once they have exceeded the amount of €50 /50 USD – Payment will be made:

    a) To a Paypal account at no cost to the client (except for Paypal’s own).
    b) To a bank account in Spain at no cost to the client.
    c) If the client wants the money to be sent by another means (non-Spanish bank account or Wester Union), the shipping costs will be borne by him and will be deducted from the royalties. – Lanzadera will not charge a commission on the accumulated royalties. that are used to contract new services.
    The digital channels are responsible for the payment to the different Rights Management Entities and publishers of the amounts corresponding to the authors and composers of the songs, except in the United States and Mexico, where payments for mechanical reproduction (downloads) fall into the payment that we receive from the channels and that are paid to the client. In this case, the client is responsible for sending payments to the authors and composers for this concept.
  10. Distribution under its own label.
    – The client can distribute under its seal in all channels that allow it, except those that require approval.

    – In channels that require seal approval (such as Beatport), Lanzadera will be able to manage said approval if the client meets the minimum requirements demanded by the channels. If this is not met, Lanzadera may ship under one of its approved seals if the client so accepts.
  11. The client and Lanzadera undertake to safeguard the confidentiality of this agreement and respect current data protection laws.
  12. Express acceptance when creating the account and paying for the first service is considered proof of acceptance of this agreement.

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